Meet Nimbus the sharp eyed among you will have seen his picture posted on our Facebook page after he failed to return home one day in October.

This beautiful snow white boy was found trapped on a cooling car’s engine by a passer by who noticed his tail hanging out from the underside of the car. He was released just as quickly as possible and brought to us – but he wasn’t recognisable as the cat we all knew and loved being jet black due to the engine grease and dirt he was covered in.

Luckily he was microchipped and it was through this that we were able to contact his owner and realise he was the cat we had been asking everyone to look out for.

The poor fellow sustained such horrific burns to his back end that we can not show you his before pictures – but following intensive care from ourselves and his devoted owner we were finally able to say he was fully recovered from his burn wounds six weeks after his initial injury.

Nimbus (along with his owner – and our entire team!) would like to remind you all that it really is important to check a cat hasn’t crawled into your car’s engine to keep warm and dry before you start it up during these dark and cold months.

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