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It is important that the dressing that we have put on your pet is looked after carefully. Follow the tips below to ensure that the treatment is successful:

  • Do not allow your pet to chew at their dressing – we can provide you with a buster collar if you think they may interfere with
  • Keep your pets dressing dry at all times – if they are going outside to go to the toilet then cover the bandage with a water proof plastic bag and hold it in place with a loose tie, tape or elastic band. The bag and the method you use to hold it in place must be removed as soon as you get back inside your
  • Check your pets dressing three times a day, look out for any of the following problems
    • Staining of the bandage
    • The bandage has become wet
    • The bandage is smelling
    • Your pets leg is swelling above or below the dressing
    • Your pet is chewing or bothering the dressing
    • Your pet seems to be in pain, or discomfort with the dressing
    • The dressing has come loose, or seems to have tightened
    • The dressing appears to have twisted
    • The base of the bandage has become worn

If you notice any of these issues it is extremely important that you contact the surgery immediately and arrange an appointment so that we can check your pet’s dressing for you.

  • Check your pet three times a day for any signs of general illness, these include (but are not limited to), a reduction in their appetite, an increased tendency to sleep, an unwillingness to go outside, grumpy of aggressive behaviour. If you are concerned about your pet’s general health, then please phone us immediately on 01942 677979 so that we can arrange to check them for
  • Please make sure you attend your pet’s bandage change appointments regularly. It is important that bandages are not left on your pet’s leg too long or problems can occur. Please note that bandaging materials are expensive and that applying them to your pet’s limb is a skilled and time consuming job, as such charges will

We appreciate that this is a worrying time, please telephone us if you have any questions or concerns.

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