In light of the current health concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the governments advice regarding social distancing My Pets Vets has put a plan in place which we hope, will allow us to continue to provide veterinary care to your pet(s) 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout this difficult time.

With this in mind we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our Twist Lane Practice from 7pm on Thursday 19th March 2020, with our team working to provide all veterinary care from our Walter Leigh Way site 24 hours a day.

This decision has not been taken lightly and is temporary.

Should you require transport to bring you to our Walter Leigh site we have been in contact with JRs Taxis who are happy to transport pets, their number is 01942 681168.

In the event of our Walter Leigh Way site requiring deep cleaning we will be able to transfer our resources and team to our Twist Lane practice and continue to care for your pets.

In addition, we have made changes to our rotas with the aim of providing continuous care for your pet’s should any of our team be required to self-isolate.

We are aiming to care for all your pet’s veterinary needs as well as continuing to provide our emergency service and we require some help from you to enable us to do so.

With immediate effect:

  • You will be required to wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser on entering either of our premises.
  • We request, that where possible, only one person accompanies their pet to the appointment.
  • Where possible you will be required to wait outside in the car with your pet and phone the practice to alert our team of your arrival.
  • Should it be necessary for you to wait for your appointment within our waiting rooms please ensure you allow a distance of 2 metres between yourself and any other clients and team members who may be sharing the room.
  • When collecting medications, pet food, or repeat prescriptions please wait outside in our car park and phone the practice to alert the team of your arrival.
  • We will be happy to send medications to you via the post where possible, please ask us for more information when requesting your pets repeat prescription.
  • If you have been diagnosed with, are showing the symptoms of Covid-19, are self-isolating, have been in contact with someone with coronavirus or have travelled from a high-risk country you must refrain from attending the practice. Please telephone us on 01942 417800 and we will endeavour to work with you to ensure that your pet receives the care it needs.
  • We would like to avoid cash payments wherever possible so please bring your bank card for payment.


Please understand that it may be longer than normal before we can book you in for routine appointments (some practices are cancelling them entirely for the time being). We are working with reduced and unpredictable staffing levels and need to make sure we are able to cope with sick pets and emergencies, without putting our remaining colleagues under too much pressure

We request that vulnerable individuals refrain from visiting our practice – we care about your health as well as your pet’s and will work with you to ensure that your pet receives the care it needs – please call us on 01942 417800.

Changes you will see from Friday 20th March 2020:

  • Our Twist Lane practice will be temporarily closed
  • All medications, appointments and operations will take place at our Walter Leigh Way practice unless we notify you otherwise.
  • There may be changes to our normal appointment times
  • Your vet of choice may be working a different shift pattern to normal


Our team have worked tirelessly to ensure that our contingency plans are robust and both Caroline and Lloyd want to take a moment to thank each and every one of them for their ongoing help and support at this time of uncertainty.

We appreciate that many of you have concerns regarding your pets and would like to reassure you that according to the World Organisation for Animal Health the current spread of Covid-19 is a result of human to human transmission, and, to date, there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the disease.

We are expecting advice for pet owners diagnosed with Covid-19 from Defra. In the meantime, the British Veterinary Association is recommending that you:

• Restrict contact with pets as a precautionary animal health measure until more information is known about the virus.
• If your pet requires care, wash your hands before and after any interaction with them and wear a face mask if possible.
• Keep cats indoors if possible and try to arrange for someone else to exercise dogs, taking care to restrict any contact with the person walking your dog and making sure they practice good hygiene. This is to reduce the likelihood of your pet spreading the disease through environmental contamination on their fur – there is no evidence that pet animals play a role in the spread of the disease or that they become sick themselves.
• If your pet shows clinical signs, please do not take it to the vet but call the practice for advice.
• If your pet requires emergency treatment, call the practice for further advice. Do not take your pet to the surgery unless the vet instructs you to. You may need to arrange for someone else to transport your pet for treatment.

We will try to keep you all posted as the situation changes through our website and social media channels.

If you know any vulnerable/elderly people with pets, please given them our telephone number so they can contact us easily. We will always do our best to support everyone we can in the community.

We may be able to offer a home delivery service for medication/prescriptions/food to those who need it most – please ask a member of our team

Anyone with specific concerns please contact us on 01942 417800 or email us at

Lastly, thank you for continuing to support a local, family owned and run business and one of the last independent veterinary practice left in our area.

Caroline, Lloyd and the My Pets Vets team.

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