With close ties to rabbit charities, we see so many fluffy friends visiting our practice. We deal with everything from the cutest bundles of joy, to some rabbits with a bit more of a ‘wild side’. With tips on everything from behavioural issues and training to medical conditions and minimising risk ... everything you need to keep your rabbit bright eyed and bouncing.

Cold bunnies
Creating your rabbits perfect home
Fly strike
Is vaccinating your rabbit necessary?
Is neutering your rabbit necessary?
Pet Insurance
Rabbits: indoors VS outdoors
Rabbit diet – advice and tips
Rabbits needs friends
Rabbit pack
Rabbit teeth
Therapeutic Light Laser

Useful Downloads:

Rabbit Bounce Back A4 Leaflet
Rabbit Pack A5 Leaflet
Rabbit Pet Care Plan A5 Information for Rabbit Owners
Pre Op Rabbit
Pre Op Rabbit Info
Fireworks Frighten Small Animals