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Our Routine Services

Only the best for your pets

We aim to provide quality veterinary care in Leigh for all aspects of your pets’ life.

We offer a wide range of services, some of which are listed below, but if you are in any doubts, please get in touch.

Consultation by appointment
puppyWe endeavour to ensure that your pets see the same vet or nurse as we feel continuity of care is extremely important. Continuity of care allows important relationships to develop between both our staff members and you and your pets.

If you have a preferred member of staff, please let us know when making an appointment.

Home Visits
We appreciate that you may need a home visit in certain circumstances. It is always better to see your pet at the surgery if they require treatment or medication as we have all our facilities available on site.

However, if you would prefer a home visit then please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you at an appropriate time.

Late Night Appointments
We know how busy life is for everyone, and so we have increased our opening hours to make it easier for you to get your pet to the vet at a time convenient to you.

We offer some late night appointments throughout the week with consultations available till 9.30pm where possible.

Weekend Opening
To make it easier for you to get your pet to us at a convenient time we hold routine consulting sessions on both Saturday and Sunday every week.

These appointments are available for your pet’s routine and preventative health needs, including vaccinations and nail clips etc, as well as for those unforeseen illnesses that always seem to occur at inconvenient times.

Puppy and Kitten Clinics
Our nurses run free puppy and kitten clinics, where you can ask all the questions you want to about your pets health care, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Our nurses can help put your new friends at ease and get to know them too. We know how exciting introducing a new pet into your family can be, and how important it is to give them the best start in life. For this reason we have puppy, kitten and rabbit packs which ensure your new family member has the best start possible, whilst saving you money!

Rabbit Clinics
Our nurses also run free rabbit clinics, where they can help advise you on all aspects of your rabbits health and care. Allowing your bunnies to get to know us helps reduce their anxiety when they have to visit us in the future.
We provide this service Monday to Friday every week of the year. All of our staff members are happy to discuss the health benefits of neutering with you either in a consultation, at reception or over the telephone. We neuter dogs and cats along with rabbits, ferrets, rats and guinea pigs routinely
We strongly recommend annual vaccinations against many contagious and potentially deadly diseases. We have puppy, kitten and rabbit packs available which are extremely cost effective methods of protecting your young pets against these diseases, whilst also getting them microchipped, flea/worm treated, and health checked (they also include 10% off full cost neutering).

We also offer vaccination against herpes virus for all pregnant or breeding bitches. We can also vaccinate your pets against Rabies and Leishmania where appropriate.

These are an invaluable and cost effective way of ensuring that, should your pet go missing, you are most likely to be reunited quickly.

Microchips can be inserted during a consultation or operation easily and quickly, and they are registered to a central data base at the time of being inserted.

It is compulsory for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped before they are 8 weeks old.

Animal Health Certificates

Should you need to travel with your pet please give us a ring on 01942 417800. The legal requirements have changed since Brexit.

We have provided more information here.

Should you wish to book an appointment for an Animal Health Certificate please call us on 01942 417800.

Diagnostic Facilities
X-ray facilities – X-rays are an important investigative tool for many surgical and medical conditions in animals. We have an up to date digital x-ray machine and floating x-ray table which allows us to take x-rays easily no matter what the size of your pet. By using a digital machine we can send x-ray images to specialists and other vets easily without the need to transport old fashioned x-ray films, and the pictures are available faster.

Ultrasound Facilities – Ultrasounds are another important investigative tool for many surgical and medical conditions in animals. Their use ranges from the diagnosis of pregnancy in bitches, to the investigation of heart disease in dogs, cats and rabbits – with many others in between.

Endoscopy Facilities – Endoscopy allows us to put a small camera into your pets stomach, intestinal tract, or respiratory tract to help us investigate disease or remove things they shouldn’t have eaten! We can also look down ears, up noses and at the back of throats using this piece of invaluable equipment.

Microscope – We also have a microscope which plays a critical part in dermatological and many other examinations, along with other smaller more specialised pieces of equipment which allow us to perform urine tests etc on site. For some, more specialised, tests it may be necessary to send samples to a dedicated animal laboratory

In house blood testing facilities – We have a laboratory area giving us the ability to perform blood tests on site – results can be available in as little as 15 minutes. This can be invaluable both during routine procedures, and if your pet should be taken ill.

Surgical facilities
This consists of a preparation area and sterile operating room allowing us to provide excellent quality operating facilities for both routine and non-routine surgical cases. This area is separate to our dental suite and our x-ray facilities. We operate on routine cases Monday to Friday every week of the year.
Dental Facilities
Dental problems are very common in dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals. We have a dental area which allows us to perform dental surgery safely and efficiently, and it is well equipped for dental procedures on dogs, cats and rabbits. The vast majority of dental procedures require animals to be anaesthetised, and our dental suite allows this. We are able to provide routine dental procedures Monday to Friday every week of the year.
Hospitalisation facilities
If your pet requires overnight hospitalisation, there is always a veterinary surgeon on hand to take care of them.

We have dedicated dog, cat and rabbit/small animal kennels, which means species can kept separated. This helps reduce stress levels in any inpatients.
Our kennel rooms are all air conditioned.

Our cat room can accommodate up to 11 patients at any one time. We have dimmable lighting in this room which allows us to modify light levels, important during recovery of anaesthetics, when cats are poorly, or overnight. This room is in a separate part of our building to our dog room which ensures we keep our patients as relaxed as possible whilst with us.

Our dog room can accommodate up to 14 patients at any one time, and we are able to accommodate dogs of varying sizes easily. In 2015 we built 2 fantastic, spacious, walk in kennels for our really large patients. Our dog room has its own air-conditioning unit which allows us to control the climate easily.

Our rabbit room can accommodate up to 6 patients at any one time, in rabbit friendly cages. We have dimmable lighting in this room which allows us to modify light levels, we find this extremely important when looking after our rabbit patients. This room is in a separate part of our building to our dog room, and is separate to our cat room. This ensures that our rabbit patients are really relaxed during their stays with us.

Professional pet cremation service

We employ the services of Whitley Brook Pet Crematorium based in Runcorn, Cheshire.

We can organise for your pet to be individually cremated when the time arises, and you can choose to attend the cremation if you wish. We are able to talk you through the options available to you.

Visiting Specialists
In some circumstances it may be possible to have your pet seen by visiting specialists (orthopaedic surgeon, cardiology, soft tissue surgeon and ultrasonography) within My Pets Vets.

Some Of Our Valuable Services


Routine Services

Therapeutic Light Laser


Nurse Clinics

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