Here at My Pets Vets we are able to offer your pets’ light laser therapy, using a phase 4 therapeutic light laser, which can help treat arthritis and joint pain in addition to traditional medicines.

Its use is not limited to treating these conditions, it can also help treat chronic skin problems, ear problems and stimulate wound healing – including bone healing.

We have had many positive responses to therapeutic light laser therapy in dogs, cats and rabbits. In some cases, we are able to significantly improve our patients’ symptoms helping us to reduce the amount of traditional medicines they need.

The therapeutic light laser treatment is suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits; it is free from side effects and produces a mild soothing heat over the area treated.

The light laser penetrates deeply into the tissue and provides energy that stimulates cell function so
promoting healing. It is also thought that the light energy also helps reduce the transmission of pain signals from nerves to the central nerve system. This leads to an increased rate of healing and a decreased level of pain in our patients.

We carry out an initial veterinary consultation and can then formulate a therapy plan with you for your pet; most treatments are carried out by our veterinary nurses who have all been trained in the use of the light laser, and usually take less than 10 minutes.

We find that most pets benefit from this treatment within the first 2 or 3 sessions which normally take place during the first week of treatment, we are then able to reduce the frequency of the treatments depending on your pets’ individual needs, (usually every 2 – 4 weeks as a maintenance schedule).

• We often use laser therapy in conjunction with veterinary acupuncture to further improve our patient’s condition.
• We are also happy to accept referral from your usual veterinary surgeon for this therapy.
• We look forward to helping you and your pet discover the benefits of laser therapy soon.
• We even offer a 20% discount on light laser therapy courses of 5 treatments.

Booking your first appointment is easy – just ask a member of our friendly team.