We are seeing cases of vomiting dogs daily, and we want clients to be aware that if their dog is vomiting and dull then it should be seen by us as there has been a nationwide outbreak of more cases of vomitting in dogs than normal.

Most cases are fine if they receive prompt & appropriate treatment, but clients should be aware that we don’t know the cause of the infection. It appears to be infectious to other dogs but not to humans thankfully.

If your dog is affected then it is helpful if you can follow link to the Liverpool Vet School Savs Net site to fill in their questionnaire.

We also advise that your pet is kept indoors away from other dogs if your dog does fall ill.

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New Year – New Lockdown!

New Year – New Lockdown!

A big thank you for all your patience whilst we digest the most recent advice regarding the work we are able to undertake during this lockdown

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