We have designed the layout of the practice to ensure as stress free an environment for you and your pets' as possible.
Our facilities include:


Car Parking

We have a large car park for our clients.  This is situated at the rear of our building through the black gates, and is well signposted. Entrance to the practice is via the front of the building.

There is also a pay and display car park next to the practice, if you are unsure where to park please ask any member of the team who will be please to help.


Spacious reception area

In 2015 we redesigned our waiting and reception area to enable us to improve our service still further.  Our new spacious reception desk allows our three receptionists to work side by side and all serve clients at the same time.  It has also bought a lovely open feeling to the whole front of our building, as well as giving us the added benefit of fitting in a 4th consulting room.


Separate Dog and Cat/Small Animal Waiting Areas

We have a small area of our waiting room dedicated to cats and small furries, by keeping these species separate from dogs whilst they wait we can help reduce their stress levels, and make a visit to the vets a more pleasurable experience for both them and their owners.

This area is clearly marked so please feel free to use it.


3 Consulting Rooms

All of our consulting rooms are spacious and have an open feel to them, which we hope will put you and your pets at ease.  They allow us to accommodate the smallest hamster to the biggest Saint Bernard!


Modern Digital X-Ray

X-rays are an important investigative tool for many surgical and medical conditions in animals.  We have an up to date digital x-ray machine and floating x-ray table which allows us to take x-rays easily no matter what the size of your pet.  By using a digital machine we can send x-ray images to specialists and other vets easily without the need to transport old fashioned x-ray films, and the pictures are available faster.

Dental Suite

Dental problems are very common in dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals.  We have a dental area which allows us to perform dental surgery safely and efficiently, and it is well equipped for dental procedures on dogs cats and rabbits.  The vast majority of dental procedures require animals to be anaesthetised, and our dental suite allows this.


Species Specific Kennel Rooms

We have dedicated dog, cat and rabbit/small animal kennels, which means species can kept separated.  This helps reduce stress levels in any inpatients.

Our cat room can accommodate up to 11 patients at any one time.  We have dimmable lighting in this room which allows us to modify light levels, important during recovery of anaesthetics, when cats are poorly, or overnight.

Our dog room can accommodate up to 12 patients at any one time, and we are able to accommodate dogs of varying sizes easily.  Our dog room has its own air-con unit which allows us to control the climate easily.

Our rabbit room can accommodate up to 6 patients at any one time, in rabbit friendly cages.   We have dimmable lighting in this room which allows us to modify light levels, we find this extremely important when looking after our rabbit patients.


Isolation Kennels

We also have an isolation kennel which allows us to nurse infectious cases separately.  This room is entirely separate from the rest of our inpatient accommodation and provides us with an area in which our potentially infectious cases can be looked after according to their needs without posing a threat to any of our other patients.


Operating suite

This consists of a preparation area and sterile operating room allowing us to provide excellent quality operating facilities for both routine and non-routine surgical cases.  This area is separate to our dental suite and our x-ray facilities.


We have a laboratory area giving us the ability to perform blood tests on site – results can be available in as little as 15 minutes.  We also have a microscope which plays a critical part in dermatological and many other examinations, along with other smaller more specialised pieces of equipment which allow us to perform urine tests etc on site.  For some, more specialised, tests it may be necessary to send samples to a dedicated animal laboratory.


Computerised Record System

This allows us to keep accurate and up to date records for all of your pets.  We can also send you reminders for boosters, health checks and details of special offers by email or SMS.  It helps us minimise our paper record system so helping the environment, (we also recycle where possible throughout the practice).  We can also keep photographic records of your pets, and can produce weight charts, dental, ophthalmological etc charts if required.


On Site, Out of Hours Emergency Cover

This allows any emergencies to be seen at the practice whatever the time.  It is usually better for your pet to be seen at the practice in an emergency as we have all our facilities at our disposal.  In case of an emergency you just need to call us on 01942 677979, when the surgery is closed please listen to the message all the way through, it gives you details on how to contact the duty vet.  If your pet has to be hospitalised overnight then you can rest assured a vet will be on the premises to check your pet at regular intervals.