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Caesarean Section Aftercare

Wound care

The surgical wound has layers of internal stitches dissolvable stitches. Please do not allow the dog or any other pets to lick at the wound as this will cause infection and the wound to breakdown and possibly need restitching.

Try to keep your dog as rested as possible for 7-10 days post surgery as too much moving around may delay healing and cause swelling at the site of the wound.

Please could you check the wound daily for any redness, swelling or weeping and if the wound is becoming sticky between the mammary gland then you can gently clean with a clean cotton pad and some cooled boiled water. Please make sure the wound is dried completely afterwards.

In 2 days time we would advise the wound to be checked either by appointment at the practice or send a photo of the wound via our email or our app which are available on our website.

Caring for a new mum

Following a caesarean section the bitch will bleed from her vulva for a week or so which should gradually become less each day. If you are worried about the amount of blood please contact us.

It is advisable that a lactating bitch is fed on a diet of puppy foot as this is a complete diet and has all the nutrition she should need to be able to rear the puppies.

Please could you check the bitch’s mammary glands each day to check for redness or hot spots which could be the start of mastitis.

If you have any concerns or questions please call us anytime on 01942 417800

Caring for newborn puppies

Most newborn puppies have the best chance of survival being reared and fed by their mother. If the bitch is unsettled around the puppies try to let her settle down on her own and then see if one person can comfort or distract the bitch whilst another person tries to latch the puppies onto a nipple.

Please try to weigh each puppy every day and record their weight so that you can ensure each puppy is gaining weight. For any puppies that aren’t gaining weight you can try to get them to latch on more regularly. If this is not possible or has no effect on the puppies weight they may need to be hand fed newborn dog formula milk.


For further advise please call us anytime on 01942 417800.

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